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The light, flickering glow of a relaxing candle is an affordable luxury. With Au’tree Candle, you can unwind with our exclusive scents, beautiful aromas and clean-burning flames in a collection of candles that will tempt every scent preference. Our candles melts are just what you need to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.

Low-quality candles have a tendency to burn out quickly and unevenly. They can also leave an unpleasant, chemical smell in your home. Our scented candles are known for their long-lasting aromas and are scented throughout for a consistent scent. When you choose our carefully crafted, artisanal Au’tree Candle relaxing candles, you’ll receive the kind of product that doesn’t compromise in its pursuit of quality.

At Au’tree Candle, each of our candles is proudly made in Malaysia with premium ingredients. Au’tree Candle aromatherapy candles are infused with pure therapeutic essential oil, lead-free and have 100% cotton wicks. In addition, our fragrances are IFRA-approved and safe for use within your home. Our exclusive, clean-burning formula that won’t leave black residue on your walls or your ceilings. We recognize the importance in taking the extra steps necessary to help protect you and your family. 

The scent of a candle is essential to the experience it creates. Whether you prefer bold or delicate aromas, our candles are all designed to be equally potent. When you shop through the entire lineup of candles at Au’tree Candle, you’ll have dozens of unique scents from which to choose, including Gourmand and Edible scents, bright Fruit and Citrus scents, Fresh, Spice, Floral, Green, Masculine, Tropical scents — and more! Browse through our candle melts to discover a variety of floral, fruity and nature-inspired aromas. Our affordable, high-quality offerings are just what you need to make your house feel like a home.

Although we’re known for our luxury candles, our The Element and Wax Sachet are not to miss. Shop by fragrance or shop our sale section for great deals. Whether you’re here to buy something for yourself or are looking for a thoughtful gift, there is something for everyone here at Au’tree Candle!


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