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Easy Breathe Aromatherapy Candle Melts

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Breathe easy and relax. Feeling Sick? Light One of These Candle Melts to Help You Breathe Easier.

Our custom blend of Easy Breathe Candle Melts promotes normal respiratory tract health. For many sufferers it is difficult to find a solution to breathing problems. The Easy Breathe Candle Melts contains a unique combination of natural ingredients to assist with easier breathing and reducing stress levels.


  • Helps to purify, cleanse and disinfect the air. 
  • To help clear the sinuses and relieve sinus headaches particularly when suffering with a cold. 
  • To aid the clearing of congested airways. 
  • Promotes normal respiratory tract health. 
  • Controls coughing and wheezing and helps clear nasal passages. 
  • This kid friendly pulse point solutions candle contains carefully selected essential oils known for their decongestant, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties.

Hand-poured and made in Malaysia.

 12pcs per Box I Burns up 48 hours.

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