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Multi-Purpose Rapid (MPR) Deodorant Spray

Multi-Purpose Rapid (MPR) Deodorant Spray

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Multi-Purpose Rapid (MPR) Deodorant is a natural solution that remove bad smell in your loving home and car with non sticky formula. This product using latest technology to absorb and remove the odour effectively without any need for fragrance, restoring the air to its fresh, clean, natural balance; and leaving no tell-tale fragrance or bad smells behind.  Suitable for pet use. 

多用途快速 (MPR) 除臭剂是一种天然解决方案,可去除您爱家和汽车中的异味。本产品采用最新技术,有效吸收和去除异味,无需任何香精,使空气恢复清新、洁净、自然的平衡;并且不会留下明显的香味或难闻的气味。适合宠物使用。

Can be use for: 可用于:
-Clothes mildew smell - 衣服霉味
-Car interior - 汽车内饰
-Washroom - 卫生间
-New furniture - 新家具
-Shoes & cabinet - 鞋子和橱柜
-Smoke smell - 烟味
-Kitchen smell - 厨房气味
-Pet & shelter  - 宠物和庇护所
-Closet & outerwear - 壁橱和外套
-Fruit foul smell - 水果恶臭

 Features: 特征:
-Non-Sticky formula - 不粘稠配方
-Pets & human safe - 对宠物和人类无害
-Instant effect - 即刻见效
-Natural Ingredient - 天然成分
-Fragrance free - 无添加任何香精

Ingredients: 原料:
Aqua, Glycerin, Bamboo Extract

Size: 体积:

Directions of use: 使用说明:
1. Turn the spray head to spray mode, please shake it before use.
1. 将喷头转至喷雾模式,使用前请摇动。

2. Spray directly at the source of the odour.
2. 直接喷在异味源头上。

Precautions: 预防措施:
1. For external use only, keep out of reach of children
1. 仅供外用,勿让儿童接触

2. Please do not spray directly on the face when using, in case of eye contact, please rinse with clean water in time
2. 使用时请勿直接喷于面部,如不慎入眼,请及时用清水冲洗干净

3. Please turn off the spray mode after use

Directions For Use

Au'tree Room & Linen Spray instantly creates a perfumed atmosphere in a room. Use daily on your bedsheets, pillows, couches or anywhere in the home that needs a bit of a boost. Room & Linen Sprays lasts longer when sprayed directly onto fabrics.

To use, shake well and spray high into the air or 30cm from fabrics. We recommend testing on an inconspicuous part of any textile before use. For external use only.

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