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Precious Moment

Precious Moment

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Once upon a time in a small, cosy town, there lived a young girl named Susan. Christmas was always the most exciting time of the year for her. As a child, all she cared about were the presents under the tree. She would eagerly wake up on Christmas morning, rush downstairs, and tear open her gifts with sheer joy. Years passes, and Susan grew into a fine young lady. She moved away from her hometown to pursue her dreams, but as she did. she began to realize that the true magic of Christmas wasn't in the presents but in the precious moments spent with loved ones. She returned home one year, finding her family gathered. They spent Christmas Eve laughing, singing, and sharing stories. Susan realized the best gift was being together, not presents. From then on, she cherished family moments during the holidays, learning that the true spirit of Christmas was love and togetherness.


This Christmas gift box is a harmonious blend of scents and sensations, designed to evoke the magic and warmth of the holiday season. Whether it's for a loved one, a dear friend, or even as a treat for yourself, it's a thoughtful gesture that brings comfort and cheer during this special time of year. Open the box, light the candle, set up the reed diffuser, and embrace the delightful scents that make Christmas truly magical.


Gift contains:

Afternoon Tea Scented Candle 65g
De Westin Reed Diffuser 50ml
Tea & Wood Eau De Parfum 10ml

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