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Au'tree Candle

Easy Breathe Melts - Aromatherapy Series

Easy Breathe Melts - Aromatherapy Series

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Breathe easy and relax. Feeling Sick? Light one of these Au'tree Candle Easy Breathe melts to help you breathe easier. Our custom blend of Easy Breathe melts promotes normal respiratory tract health. For many sufferers it is difficult to find a solution to breathing problems. Au'tree Candle Easy Breathe melts contains a unique combination of natural ingredients to assist with easier breathing and reducing stress levels. 

▢  Olfactory Notes : Tea Tea, Eucalyptus, Peppermint

▢  Olfactory Family : Fresh, Green, Herbaceous

▢  Scent Strength : 3/5

▢  Size : 60g

▢  Burn Time : Enjoy up to 18 hours

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Natural scented candles – for a cozy atmosphere in your home

Sit back. Switch off. Sink into the flickering of the flame. Enjoy the sensual candlelight. Take a break from hectic everyday life and treat yourself to your own little moments of well-being and relaxation. Only for you. Or together with your loved ones. And turn lighting your natural scented candle into a little ritual that supports you in your self-care.

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