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Au'tree Candle

Garden Serenity

Garden Serenity

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The Au'tree Secret Garden gift box is the perfect present for those seeking relaxation and tranquility. It contains a selection of items that are designed to promote relaxation and indulgence, making it an ideal gift for anyone who needs to take some time out to unwind.

The centerpiece of the gift box is the Au'tree Classic Candle, which will fill any room with a beautifully fragrant aroma. Made with natural soy wax, this candle burns for up to 35-40 hours, providing hours of soothing, flickering light,

Accompanying the candle are Sun & Young Bath Salts, which are designed to be added to a warm bath for a truly luxurious experience. Made with natural sea salt and essential oils, these bath salts help to soothe tired muscles and promote relaxation.

To enhance the relaxation experience, the gift box also includes an Eye Mask, which blocks out light and helps to promote a restful night's sleep. Made with soft, comfortable materials, this eye mask is perfect for anyone who struggles to switch off at night.

Lastly, the Secret Garden theme Greetings card is the perfect finishing touch to this thoughtful gift. The card features a beautiful floral design, allowing you to add a personal message to the recipient.

In The Box

  • 1 x Secret Garden Theme Classic Candle
  • 1 x Sun & Young Bath Salts
  • 1 x Eye Mask
  • 1 x Secret Garden theme Greetings card



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