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Au'tree Candle

Mini Tam Room and Linen Spray

Mini Tam Room and Linen Spray

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Au'tree Room & Linen Spray instantly enhances a room, leaving the desired intensity of fragrance floating in the air or add fragrant on clothing, linen, furniture and bed linens and pillows.  

The Tam scent is a elegant mixture of precious sandalwood and the brittle dryness of cedar, blended with the sparkle of exotic spices. Simply spray this to fill your abode with a welcoming atmosphere and woody aroma to set the right mood for a relaxing evening or a get-together.


▢  Olfactory Notes : Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Brazilian Rosewood, White musk, Italian Cypress, Rose

▢  Olfactory Family : Woody, Spicy

▢  Size : 30ml

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