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Sun & Young

Purifying & Defend Aromatherapy Set

Purifying & Defend Aromatherapy Set

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Sun & Young Purifying & Defend Aromatherapy Set featuring zesty lemon, purifying tea tree and refreshing peppermint 100% natural pure essential oils, is a natural alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants and room refreshers. In places with poor air quality, it useful to purify and refresh the air or as a sanitize surface, both of which leaving environment fresh and protected.  

Sun & Young Purifying & Defend 芳香疗法套装包含柠檬、净化茶树和清爽薄荷100% 天然纯精油,是刺激性化学消毒剂和房间清新剂的天然替代品。 在空气质量较差的地方它能帮助净化空气, 或可以用于消毒表面,两者都可以使环境清新并受到保护。

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