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Au'tree Candle

Wood Romance Reed Diffuser

Wood Romance Reed Diffuser

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Redolent of the joys of a walk in the woods - bringing the aroma of nature into your spaces through scent. Undertones of woody, damp moss and berries mingle with the rich fragrance of figs fallen from the tree and left to dry in the sun, with an overall effect that is woody and green with notes of spice. This woody scent has a relaxing warmth to it. Includes 10 reeds to release scent continuously for approx. four months. 


▢  Olfactory Notes :Woods, Resin, Clove, Cinnamon, Blackcurrant, Geranium, Fig Leaf

▢  Olfactory Family : Woody

▢  Size : 220ml

▢  Diffuser Length : Approximately 120 days

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